Irina Andrejeva, Catering Manager, Belfast venues

What does your role entail day to day?

I work around three venues in Belfast, Malone House, Belfast Castle and The Stables Coffee Shop enabling our full-time managers take holidays, days off and running some of their events. On a daily basis, my job involves pretty much everything between staff training, maintaining standards, stock control, liaising with clients to make sure events run smoothly and many more little things that deliver good service to staff and our customers. 

What is your proudest achievement while working for Amadeus?

Working with Amadeus – every single day is different from another. One thing that remains the same – it never fails to challenge me. There are two things that make me proudest of all – when young staff who I have trained on a job come to me saying thank you for taking my time with them and how they enjoy the job that they're doing. Also, when clients recognise that our team goes above and beyond to deliver something special, keeping up with last minute requests and changes and provide us with amazing feedback. 


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Irina Andrejeva, Catering Manager, Belfast venues
Working for Amadeus – every single day is different from another!

How do you measure success in your role?

My attitude is – Happy people always work harder. I measure my success by how much me and my team manage to achieve in a short space of time – be it teaching new recruits to make a Latte Macchiato, pull a proper pint in our bars or even upselling a tray bake. I measure my success by timing how long does it take me to figure out and solve any kind of arising problems. Also, most important – customer and my colleagues feedback. 

What drew you to the catering industry?

I've been in the industry for over 13 years now and ever-increasing standards and challenges that keep me on my toes are too addictive to let them go. 

Tell us something unusual about yourself?

I don't own a TV!