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Now a Duty Managerial Assistant after completing his apprenticeship

At an early age, Abdul decided full time education wasn’t for him as he needed to work and train at the same time to support his young family. He heard about the apprenticeship opportunities Amadeus was offering in partnership with Solihull College and University Centre and he decided to begin training towards his Hospitality and Catering L2 qualification.

Abdul spent one day a week at Solihull College where he gained his maths and English qualifications and attended theory sessions. The rest of the week was spent learning practical skills at the ICC, one of the UK’s busiest conference centres. While training for his qualification, he learnt skills such as serving dinners, plate waiting and money handling. In addition to these industry specific skills, he also gained lots of transferable skills such as time-keeping and organisation which are essential skills for any industry. 

Today, Abdul is a Duty Managerial Assistant following the successful completion of his level 2 apprenticeship. Abdul plans to continue on to a higher level apprenticeship this will be the hospitality supervisory standard at level 3 which he will complete with the support of Solihull College and University Centre. Abdul now has more responsibility and more emphasis is placed on him to get the job done to the very best standard he can achieve.

Abdul said: “Working for Amadeus is amazing because you get vast experience working in this company. Every single day is different – in the same day you can go from serving at a small event for 10 to a banquet for 300!

“In terms of my role, I see providing flawless hospitality as an art – when you get feedback from clients saying that the catering staff made the event go perfectly, it makes you very proud”.

“I love that you get real life skills on the job, rather than by just sitting in a classroom. Amadeus and the NEC Group are well-renowned businesses – if you’ve worked at the NEC Group, and experienced all the different types of catering it does, you can work anywhere! You get lots of training and support to be your very best and there are a lot of job opportunities here once you’ve completed your apprenticeship.”